Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ooey gooey chocolate brownies

Classes with Nuremberg Ballet were wonderful and everyone I hung out with during my time there from the company were very welcoming. I was the tallest one... no surprises there I guess. On Friday after class I grabbed Italian for lunch with max. I ordered my usual, a napolitana pizza. Little did I know the pits were still in the olives. When you are not expecting something to be hard you do not really chew carefully in a sense, or at least I realized then that I do not. So there I was chomping away when I bit down on an olive pit and broke my tooth in half. You could say oww. My mouth must have been in shock mode because it was not until about an hour and a half later when max had gone back to the theater and I was walking into the Nuremberg trial museum that my mouth was aching. Being in a foreign country I kept repeating to myself  "dont freak out, dont freak out" I calmly asked the people working the front desk if there was a dentist near by. By some miracle there was one 6 blocks away. I ran. 2 hours later and still a tad drugged up on pain killers I found myself back in the Nuremberg Trial Museum. What an enormous amount of History in one building. The exhibit itself was only one floor but you could easily spend three hours reading everything it had to offer. It not only had World War Two covered but before and what it has been used for since. The courtroom itself had an intensely somber feel to it as I sat there looking, writing and thinking. The royal blue velvet curtains and barred windows makes it feel un-escapable and daunting, though it has an elegance with intricately carved designs and marble entryways.

After feeding my history bug I went back to the Nuremberg Theater to see the Nussknacker ( The Nutcracker ) I have not seen the Nutcracker for about 4 years. This was incredible. The story itself was completely different then most American versions. Clara was a brat and the only "main" character. The choreography revolved around the entire company and everyone was integrated into each piece. The scenery was constantly changing due to the dancers and the lighting.... Amazing. It is so rare to see such great lighting that shows off the dancers and the sets so well. It was the most physical, theatrical and human Nutcracker I have ever seen and it kept my attention until the very end. That in itself is hard to do. After class the next morning I headed back to Frankfurt.

 On Sunday I went out with the family to the Wildpark, a huge forest you can walk through and see moose, elk, wild boars, birds and wolves. The wolves were pretty cool, and when we saw them they were howling which made it even cooler. We did not spend too long at the Wildpark because goodness gracious it is cold! I thought it was chilly at the beginning of January, ha.

The past two days I have been back at the Forsythe studios taking class and watching the dancers. Taking class with the Forsythe Company has been my favorite so far. The atmosphere is welcoming and all about discovering and experimenting and learning. The teachers switch weekly and this week it is an older Russian lady. I have been fully reminded about first position.

Ada and I made dark chocolate brownies today for her uncles birthday tomorrow which was very entertaining and the house now smells of brownies mmmmm. Tomorrow I begin stage two of my trip! Off to Chemnitz. Where? Thats what I said but thanks to google maps I discovered I am going to Eastern Germany. Wish me luck.

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