Friday, January 13, 2012

Ballet, Ballet, Ballet

Where did I leave you.... ah yes Anne Frank.... The last couple of days have been filled with classes at Henny Jurriens and rehearsing my solo for NDT. I took class with Angela at Het National on Wednesday which was really great to take. I took a stroll that night through the canals which was absolutely stunning, with all the boat houses all lit up and lights lining the canals and cobble stoned streets, I could walk through Amsterdam every night. My favorite boat was called Haddock (Tintin). Some of the greatest things I have seen while wandering in my free time have been, I giant chess set outside that people were playing on, a restaurant called "Food, Drinks and People" and a man riding his bike with two milk crates attached to his bike and in each crate was a small child.

Thursday morning I woke up at 6:30 to make my way to catch a train to Den Haag (45 min. from Amsterdam) to audition for NDT 2. I started the day with gaga class with NDT 2 then ballet with the first company. These dancers are breathtaking. Their focus and love for dance is so inspiring. I performed my solo then got to watch the second company rehearse in the afternoon before heading back to Amsterdam. Today's schedule consisted of the same thing and after I was done at NDT I got off the train at Leiden to meet up with Sanne! We grabbed a bite to eat then she took me all over the city. Leiden is quite small and very clean and quaint. It was a very relaxing and beautiful city and seeing Sanne was so much fun!

Exhausted. Time for bed. Tomorrow I get to see Rachel Elliot perform!


  1. Its a kind of class where you move the entire time with a floating sensation.