Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kickin it with Bill. And fun facts.

The last two days with Forsythe were fantastic. The setting is very open and giving,  encouraging the dancers, actors and artists to experiment, discover and learn. Class was at there rehearsal studio the first two days and then in the theater space on the third. The theater is in this old train station with high ceilings and marley just spread onto the floor so the dancers/artists are on the same level as the audience making it very personal in such a large space. Both were spacious and beautiful with no mirrors anywhere and just made me grin the entire time I was there and not want to stop dancing. William Forsythe talked to me for about 30 min. on the second day I was there. To be able to have a normal conversation with someone you admire and respect so much is unforgettable and something I will carry with me always. Now whenever I am back in Frankfurt between auditions I will be joining classes with The Forsythe company.

After class on Wednesday I went down to Nuremberg and Max met me at the train station! We spent many summers together at SFB and Chautauqua with NCDT and have not seen each other in years. I never would have thought I would find someone I knew in Nuremberg! This morning we went to class which was good and the director watched/took most of class. I will be spending both Friday and Saturday taking class and watching a show Friday night! This afternoon i wandered into the old city, and walked all along the nuremberg wall. It is still 4 (of the 5) Kilometers long. Because I was following this gigantic stone wall around the old city and mainly looking up I had no idea when I walked right into the red light district ( It runs right next to four blacks of the wall) until I looked to my right (away from the wall) right into a big glass window with 3 girls wearing barely anything dancing. I screamed out loud from shock started to laugh and walked as quickly as I could until I finally passed it all. Very unexpected let me say.... I went into the old city after that little adventure and went into the castle and three different churches. One of my favorite things to do in each city is go into the church or dom. They are all breathtakingly beautiful and intricate. Many are being fixed from after the war and some wont be finished for hundreds of more years, the one in Cologne specifically. Near the square I went into a puppeteer shop, antique shops and gingerbread shops. I had to get Lebkuchen, a gingerbread cake covered in chocolate, a signature sweet here! The fountain in the corner of the square caught my attention when I was about to keep walking. As I neared it the color and the details of it were phenomenal. It is not a huge fountain by any means but when the light hits the gold it seems like it will climb upward forever.

Not sure what the night has in store but tomorrow morning class, hopefully followed by some museums before watching max perform with Nuremberg Ballet!

there are sheep in every field
everybody wears boots
the vending machines are stellar.
I am always hearing at least 3 languages at one time
beer = .80 water = 1.20
cobblestone streets all over
in Switzerland everyone seems like they are in a hurry
bread in america sucks.
cars park on sidewalks
somehow the buses fit through the narrowest streets....
you can always get a fresh sandwich for 2 euro anywhere
coffee is served with a cookie or cake

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