Monday, January 16, 2012

"I have a dream..."

The last two days in Amsterdam were a whirlwind, Angela and I met Rachael Elliot and Adam Peterson for brunch Saturday morning. After a lovely morning with them I walked to the Heineken Brewery and met Matt PS and spent the afternoon with him wandering around the Albert Cuyp Market where we got stroopwaffles and coffee. Stroopwaffles are these heavenly thin warm waffles smashed together with a caramel syrupy glaze. Once you bite into one of those there is no turning back.

Leaving Matt I found myself lost in a wonderful flea market near the opera house before finding my way back to Angela's. We took a beautiful walk that night through the canals and stumbled into this tiny and beautifully mosaiced Italian restaurant, Saturnino! This place was special. The perfectly cooked thin crusted Napolitana pizza was the perfect ending to a wonderful 9 days in Holland. The greatest thing about walking through Amsterdam at night is looking into apartments. Not in a creepy way (well sorta...) but people light up their apartments and open their blinds and you cant help but ogle at the modern and antique beauty inside. The spiraling staircases, the perfectly polished kitchens, the paintings, the list goes on......

The next morning I went to church with Angela. Not only was it gorgeous but it was Martin Luther King's birthday and the service was done beautifully revolving around MLK and "I have a dream..." So inspiring.  After church I packed up and made the journey to Basel, Switzerland!

I arrived in Basel around 10 last night and checked into a hostel. Basel Back Pack. It is very clean and well kept. I woke this morning and took class with Basel Ballett! Class went very well and The dancers were fantastic and afterward I had a very good talk with the director..... They have a premiere this week so are very busy but I get to take class again on Thursday and watch a dress rehearsal tonight. Will keep you all posted about that! I am staying with Lateef tonight in Mulhouse which is right on the border of Switzerland, France and Germany, crazy!

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