Sunday, January 1, 2012

my little english speaker

NYE, where do I begin.... We packed up the kids and headed over to Denise's friends house in Bornheim where we had an old traditional german celebration with rachlette. Rachlette is where you cook meat and cheese and vegetables on these stoves and hotplates right on the table. You cook the meat on top and then each person has there own pan that goes underneath the hotplate to melt the cheese and cook the vegetables. To accompany the meat there was a salad, bread, olives, beans and potatos. From there I made my way to the Kinga Club watching fireworks along the way and then danced the night away. Boy oh boy do the germans know how to dance....

When I awoke and walked upstairs the first thing ada says to me is "there is my little english speaker" In german of course. Ada's rabbits had babies (so small and fluffy!) so we cleaned the cage then we took a beautiful walk this afternoon from their house into these pastures and fields, just blocks away, full of fruit trees and fed horses.

Denise and I made a trip after dinner to pick up baby  food at the Main Station in Frankfurt and inside there was a man walking his weasel. hmmm..... an early night tonight because tomorrow I head to Dusseldorf for my first set audition and to meet Angela!

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