Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tag Zwei im Zoo!

Went to the Frankfurt zoo today with the family! We grabbed Donor Kebabs (Turkish sandwhiches with meat, cabbage, tomatos on homemade bread mmm)  to eat while in the zoo from a little stand outside and then ada lead the way pretending to be mowgli for the majority of the zoo excursion!

After the zoo we walked through a shopping square and in the middle of the square was a glass closet type thing full of books. People can take and give as they wish so the books get swapped out constantly. So neat....

When the girls began to get tired we headed back home on the u bahn and made a dinner of pasta with italian sauce. I then went into downtown Frankfurt to meet Marius (Denises' brother) at nachtliblen (night life) where I bought my first beer in Frankfurt, a Jever Pilsner, from there we went to jazzkellar, an underground bar just for jazz music and dancing! My partner was this lovely large spanish grandpa, so great. Next we hit up Sauchsenhausen, full of bars and donor kebab stands. I took the nachtbus home making some new friends on the way.

I woke up this morning and went to Yoga with Denise. She taught two classes which were fantastic and then afterward she flew me! (flying is an acro yoga term where you get llifted and in some case thrown around by your partner who is lying on their back as the base) When we arrived home ada had made pizza which was delicious. I ran to the grocery store for them and right when I walked in they were closing but since I am Amerikana they let me grab what I needed which was funny because Denise had written a list with all the German names and I was trying to quickly figure out which items she wanted and decipher words, 15 minutes later though I had what I needed and had the salesclerks laughing so all in all what could have been stressful turned out quite well!

Now I am in need of a nap then time to celebrate NYE! IN EUROPE, WHAT?!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh Frankfurt, how wonderful you are.....

First full day in Frankfurt = amazing.

black bread with salami and kaffee for breakfast then out on the town with denise, ada, and zyra! Our first stop was the dom, a beautiful cathedral, then a walk through romer, a cobble stoned square with shops and cafe's and a church where we witnessed a marriage! Denise and her Zuren (her husband) were married there as well! There is also a huge christmas tree in romer given to Frankfurt as a gift every year which is stunning. We grabbed a kaffee at a little bakery, walked over the reisernersteg (walking bridge) and I was able to look down into the river at the swans, yes swans, and headed to the museum district. Before we went to the huge art museum we got almond and poppyseed tortas at the museum of communication. YUM. We then made our way to the art museum and saw rembrandt-degas which was breathtaking...

A drive on the Autobahn then a delicious german dinner with hessischer apfelwein (applewine) ended the afternoon wonderfully. Now out for a night in the city!

Tomorrow yoga and ballet!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

guten nacht

Success! Besides my extra bag breaking and being extremely sleep deprived I manged finding my way quite well with the help of about 8 people.... Who were all quite kind and one even offered to buy me a drink, you will be proud (dad) to know I declined.

The family I am staying with during the first and last part of my "adventure" are fabulous. Their two little girls, zyri and ada are beautiful and ada and I spun around their living room dancing together for a quite a while to Nutcracker music. I went shopping with Denise, (my visa card works!) and we made my first German meal, sausage, potatos, saurkraut and beer MMMMMMM

I am oh so content. Guten Nacht.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So long America, whats up Europe?

So the day has come. Ready? As ready as I will ever be. Do I speak German? Nein. Nervous? Maybe a bit.... Excited? Stupid question. Lets go. 

A month in Europe with a backpack and lots of ballet.

There is only so much I can plan for but fortunately, I have an address to get to when I first get off the plane AND I have all day to find it. (It will take that long) At least step number one is waiting for me. Ill let you all know if it ends successfully.