Wednesday, December 28, 2011

guten nacht

Success! Besides my extra bag breaking and being extremely sleep deprived I manged finding my way quite well with the help of about 8 people.... Who were all quite kind and one even offered to buy me a drink, you will be proud (dad) to know I declined.

The family I am staying with during the first and last part of my "adventure" are fabulous. Their two little girls, zyri and ada are beautiful and ada and I spun around their living room dancing together for a quite a while to Nutcracker music. I went shopping with Denise, (my visa card works!) and we made my first German meal, sausage, potatos, saurkraut and beer MMMMMMM

I am oh so content. Guten Nacht.


  1. I am also happy you declined that drink. :)

    The rest sounds amazing.

  2. Look out for zyri and ada. They might have an angle too... small children can not be trusted!
    And beware of small european dogs with money belts. They commonly offer unwitting Americans extraordinary exchange rates before slamming them with outlandish fees. Particularly schnauzers.