Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh Frankfurt, how wonderful you are.....

First full day in Frankfurt = amazing.

black bread with salami and kaffee for breakfast then out on the town with denise, ada, and zyra! Our first stop was the dom, a beautiful cathedral, then a walk through romer, a cobble stoned square with shops and cafe's and a church where we witnessed a marriage! Denise and her Zuren (her husband) were married there as well! There is also a huge christmas tree in romer given to Frankfurt as a gift every year which is stunning. We grabbed a kaffee at a little bakery, walked over the reisernersteg (walking bridge) and I was able to look down into the river at the swans, yes swans, and headed to the museum district. Before we went to the huge art museum we got almond and poppyseed tortas at the museum of communication. YUM. We then made our way to the art museum and saw rembrandt-degas which was breathtaking...

A drive on the Autobahn then a delicious german dinner with hessischer apfelwein (applewine) ended the afternoon wonderfully. Now out for a night in the city!

Tomorrow yoga and ballet!

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