Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So long America, whats up Europe?

So the day has come. Ready? As ready as I will ever be. Do I speak German? Nein. Nervous? Maybe a bit.... Excited? Stupid question. Lets go. 

A month in Europe with a backpack and lots of ballet.

There is only so much I can plan for but fortunately, I have an address to get to when I first get off the plane AND I have all day to find it. (It will take that long) At least step number one is waiting for me. Ill let you all know if it ends successfully. 


  1. Good luck sal!

    don't forget about us little people!
    much love
    sarah and meals

  2. this is awesome i am so following!!!! kill it out there and take in as much as possible!!! :) im so happy for you.