Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are you Russian? French? Swedish?

Are you French? Russian? Are you from Sweden? I have gotten it all, then I open my mouth, aaahhh Americana. In Mulhouse (pronounced mooolhooos) people don't speak English. The town is very small with wider curving streets and the buildings and houses are very light colors, lilac, yellow, seafoam etc. Tuesday morning I took class with Lateef's company in Mulhouse, L' Opera National du Rhin. I was told to try to go to Saarbrucken and take class with Donlon Dance Company so after that class I jumped on a train to Saarbrucken Germany. I stayed with a friend of Lateef's, Randolph, who low and behold I know from Chautauqua (NCDT)! I took class with him the next morning which went well then hopped back on the train to Mulhouse. Less then 12 hours later I was back on the train to Basel again for class this morning. Hmmmm so the past 4 days have been, Switzerland-France-Germany-France-Switzerland-France. Tomorrow Germany. You could say I am a bit tired...

 I did get to spend Wednesday afternoon exploring Saarbrucken and see the hazelnut vendors throughout the streets, An exquisite church, the river and the old town. I had finished my book on the way to Saarbrucken and was in desperate need to read something in English. I found a bookstore and asked for the English section where someone pointed to a little shelf in the corner. Besides Twilight and some of the worst looking fiction ever, there was not much to choose from but you know when you are in need of something even the worst of that something is better then nothing? I bought a book and it has been the best worst thing I have ever read.

Did I mention its really cold here? Goodness... The train ride this morning into Basel was beautiful though. It was very early and the countryside was hauntingly beautiful. I kept expecting Mr. Darcy to walk out of the mist towards me... I really enjoyed the time I spent in Switzerland. Its a very expensive country (coffee is 3.10 Swiss Francs) and it is a good mix of old and new. The streets are wider and the river through Basel is almost completely clear! In the summer the "thing to do" is jump in and float through Basel, how amazing would that be!?

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