Thursday, January 5, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen Germany, Hoi Amsterdam!

For our last afternoon in Dusseldorf we took a train to Koln (just 20 minutes!) When we walked out of the hauptbahnhof (main train stations) our jaws dropped, looming above us was the Koln cathedral. It looks like it was carved from a mountain... After roaming through the cathedral we made our way through the old town to the Rhein. Strolling down the Rhein we stumbled across the chocolade museum. How could we resist? We were completely won over the moment the smell inside hit us. We got to see how chocolate is made and learn all about the history of chocolate. One of my favorite parts was seeing what chocolate packaging looked like from the beginning to today and watching old chocolate commercials in German!

We realized quite early on that if your lost in Koln just look up and you will see the cathedral and can figure out where things are off of that, so after getting our fill of chocolate we made our way to see the Philharmonic. Huge and beautiful. We grabbed a bite to eat before jumping back on the train to Dusseldorf.

This morning we packed up and made our way by train to Amsterdam! This city is incredible, its like walking into a beautifully fantastic grungy little storybook where there are twists and turns and cobbled stone streets every which way I am destined to spend hours milling about on. Tomorrow class at Henny Jurriens Stichting, a studio similar to Lines with open classes and where different people doing projects teach and dance at!



    made me think of your adventure. cheers.

  2. haha when you get back you should make a slideshow of all your photos to this music!!! missing you, xoxo gadzukie

  3. or maybe this song...