Monday, January 23, 2012

Hallo Frankfurt!

Friday morning I made my way back to Frankfurt! Because it was my first stop on this fabulous adventure it felt really good going back and already being familiar with the city to some degree. I sat next to a french man the entire time who spoke very little English... We had quite the trip together miming and laughing at each others attempts to understand what the other was saying. In the end I figured out he is a musician traveling to dusseldorf for an audition! We passed mountains with  tiny villages nestled in them, castles a top hills and pastures full of grazing sheep. I half expected bo-peep to be tending them... When I arrived in Frankfurt and was waiting for Denise and her family to arrive home so I could meet them, I spent the afternoon milling about downtown and found another bookstore that had a much larger array of English books, thank goodness!

The next morning I was up before light to get to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to catch the S Bahn to Mainz. It was snowing! I arrived in Mainz and made my way to the theater. Along with 200+ others... They split the girls into 2 large groups and then had 1 large group of boys. The first cut was done after 30 min. of barre. Safe. The 2nd cut was done after center. There were 12 of us at that point and we were taught rep. on pointe while the boys were in class. We were then taken back upstairs to perform the rep. 8 of us made it through. The boys showed their rep then we were combined with the 4 remaining boys to learn a partnering piece. At that point not only was the director and ballet masters watching but some company members and donors as well and to top it off they were filming us. Then the director began to point and low and behold I was pointed at and was told the next available female contract I have.... Shocked....

As much as I want to, I cant put all my eggs into one basket in case Mainz falls through and I have been learning so much here and have made so many great leads that I have decided to follow those leads and have been invited to private and invite only auditions throughout February. So my trip is extended for another month!

Sunday consisted of sleep, yoga, food, bed.

This morning I took class with the Forsythe Company. It was a very comfortable setting and very experimental which was really a fantastic environment to be in. Class was held in there performance space because Mr. Forsythe changed the bill randomly last night and they had to re set the new pieces they are now performing, crazy! William Forsythe watched the entire class which I was completely unaware of. How was I supposed to know the man leaning over the railing was not just another dancer/observer (which they have!)? I am excited to work with them again tomorrow and Wednesday!

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