Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting lost is the way to go.

Made it to Dusseldorf! I found my way to the hostel/motel from the main station very easily and met Angela there, what a reunion... We have since taken on Dusseldorf like a storm. We got lost and saw everything that first afternoon. We have since figured the best way to see things is to just get lost and eventually you will make it home. We made our way through the old town, and down koningsallee (very expensive street) while doing an extensive photo shoot. It was fabulous until, angela took a photo of a pub with a peddlar musician in front, apparently the peddlar wasnt fond of cameras and chased us while yelling in german. While escaping from the angry man we eventually found ourselves on the Rhein Promanade, stunning.... We took a lovely walk down the promanade and ended up on a strasse (street) that we recognized near the motel, our stomachs were grumbling and we saw a long line outside a restaurant so decided it must be good. It was. Homemade ramen mmmmm the best part was that the menu was in German and Japanese so we pointed at the pictures and grinned.

Day two we had a lovely breakfast, complimentary of course, and made our way to the balletthaus! Class was fantastic, The company was so welcoming and the studios were beautiful. Its so neat how small the dance world is because a handful of the dancers knew so many of the same people as me! Dusseldorf of all places!

After class I met back up with Angela and we walked across the Rhein (or should I say skipped...) When we got to the other side Angela really really had to pee. We didnt know where to go so we went into this huge art academie building, which was very cool, but couldnt find a bathroom. We ran back outside and up and down the cobblestone streets until a group of students pointed to this little doorway. We stumbled in and found ourselves in this tiny pizzeria. Angela ran into the bathroom and I didnt want to be rude so sat down and got a menu. This place was special, I had one of the best anchovy pizzas and it cost next to nothing. 

 With empty bladders and full stomachs we managed to find ourselves back near the Rhein next to the ship museum. We walked in and the man behind the desk told us that if we told him we were under 18 we could go into the museum for free, so naturally we said we were under 18. It was full of miniature ships and panoramas that were beautiful. We went to the german market after and oggled at all the gorgeous, breads, wooden toys, candies, meats and chocolates. We even saw chocolate flavored pasta!

What can the next day here possibly have in store...?

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  1. ahhhhhh so happy that you guys are together and having fun. missing you both!!!